Why Use Our Services?
The cost of advertising, whether it be in the journals, newspapers or on the internet is
expensive in more ways than one. How much have you spent this year on recruitment
advertising?  Are you including what you pay your personnel staff for endless
unproductive hours of sifting through resumes of individuals  who's backgrounds don't
come close to meeting your needs?

The kind of professionals you seek are not reading the "want-ads" or are surfing the
Internet job boards. The type of candidates your firm is hoping to attract are successful,
secure, talented and loyal. These candidates are passive.

Most of the recruiting firms you hear from know little to nothing about your industry. Do
not waste anymore time on these recruiters who continually miss the mark. The secret
to finding the professionals you need is to deal exclusively with a recruiting firm that
specializes in your industry, Frank Cuomo & Associates Inc. finds the highly qualified
passive candidates you are looking for.

Our Guarantee:
In hiring new personnel their exists uncertainty.  To assist clients in dealing with this, a
full 30 day guarantee is offered to clients so that they can validate their feelings by
seeing the candidate perform in the actual work environment.
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