Our Practice
Whether you prefer Contingent, Retained, Outsourcing or Temporary Services, Frank
Cuomo and Associates Inc. can accommodate you.

Our Offerings
Contingency Search- We are an employer paid contingency search firm. We never charge
fees of any kind to candidates. We work in partnership with our clients to solve their needs.
We are only paid when we successfully complete the job.

Retained Search- When special needs require exclusive attention, we can provide hourly,
lump sum or progress payment contracts to provide our clients with the flexibility and
resources needed to get the job done.

Temporary Services- we provide contract employees for temporary assignments in many

Outsourcing- If you simply need outside professionals to screen advertising calls, conduct
interviews, get references, call a list of your candidates, or anything out of the ordinary, we
can do it for you and bill hourly.
Our Seven Step Process

Most Recruitment firms are not organized. They do not have in depth knowledge of the
industries they work in, and are more concerned with "pushing" resumes in front of the
hiring manager.

The Cuomo 7 step system works! It is a system, it is not a haphazard, revolving door

  1. Preliminary Meetings- we get to know you, your corporate history, philosophy,
    needs, trends, and competitors. Benefit: We understand you and what you want.
  2. Job Specifications- We thoroughly review your job description. Benefit: We both
    have a precise picture of the position you want to fill. No misunderstandings. No
  3. Research-We use a three-pronged approach: tapping our existing data bank,
    networking, and direct sourcing of target companies. Benefit: No likely candidate is
  4. Search- We contact, qualify and evaluate skills and interest levels of potential
    candidates. Benefit: the best people are pinpointed.
  5. Candidate Evaluation-We conduct in-depth interviews and check references.
    Benefit: No wild goose chase for you or your candidate.
  6. Presentation- We arrange for you to meet with the top three to five candidates.
    Benefit: You have clear cut choices without needless time interviewing the wrong
  7. Negotiation- We help you develop a total compensation package to present to the
    candidate of your choice. Benefit: A competitive, cost effective and hard to refuse
Our Services